Nav 2017 Opening up under another domain account

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Hello all,

We have a few workstations that, for whatever reason, continuously open up under a particular user's domain account as if that person were logged into the computer. I have tried virtually everything I can think of from removing them from the domain, changing the computer name and rejoining, modifying the UserClientSettings.config file, and right clicking to run as a different user. No matter what, Nav keeps opening up with the other user's account.

Could anyone please shed some light on this issue? Thank you!


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    Check it if you are running it from a shortcut?Could it configured to run as a particular user?
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    @Developer101 Thanks for the response, but no. It was not being run from a shortcut and when trying to run as different user, it just kept opening up as the same user.

    Leaving this here for anyone in the future who may have this issue. I ended up just going into the C drive (from an admin account) and renaming that user's profile. Then deleted the profile from the registry, restarted, and logged in with the user to recreate a new profile. Boom, NAV opened up correctly. I then went to the renamed profile and transferred over all of the user's documents and such to the newly created profile. Done deal.
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