Copy-Paste marked lines with Extended Text

NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 76

my customer uses offen the copy-paste function to copy selected saleslines. The problem is that, when
marked an item line which has an extended text, than the marked lines are copied but also BC (V21) the
extended text of the item is again inserted. It looks, that the trigger of the subform is executed.

This behavier was not in NAV 2017.

Can this be avoided, that the trigger is again executed while copy-paste lines?

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    Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 529
    So the goal is not to copy the extended text when the user does the copy-paste function? Is that correct?
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    NAVFuchsNAVFuchs Member Posts: 76
    yes that is correct, because the text is already in the sales lines (and modified). The user want to copy the item line and the text lines without retrieving again the extended Text from the item setup.
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