Where/what is ActiveControlOnOpen for BC

SunsetSunset Member Posts: 199
Is there any way of activating a specific field when opening a page?
In the "good old days" we had the ActiveControlOnOpen property to make sure that a specific field was activated. But this is no longer an option. So I am wondering if anybody has solved this for BC?
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  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 523
    I do remember that property in classic version.
    But things have changed. Now a page (Form) will be opened as view and use clicks on edit button Or from the list go to edit. All fields by default will be activated unless you make it disable explicitly by setting the properties in the development. Does this answer your question or am I totally off track understand your question or requirement?
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  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 228
    Current BC does not have such functionality out-of-the-box. You can write a JavaScript controladdin that would run on specific page and focus on particular HTML element (field) - I've heard several partners have successfully implemented such a solution.
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