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Hello ,

how do I force the report (Export Electronic Payments) to be in a French or English langage



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    Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 529
    Can you please elaborate what is this report? Is it a standard or a customised report?
    United Kingdom
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    harounmounirharounmounir Member Posts: 20
    Hi, the issue is i would like to generated french report if vendor has language code =French and Generate English report if language code of vendor is English.

    i used the standard report



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    ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 228
    You can use CurrReport.Language to set a specific Windows Language Id to a report.
    Check Purchase Order report for example - in the "Purcahse Header" dataitem's OnAfterGetRecord there's a line:
    CurrReport.Language := Language.GetLanguageIdOrDefault("Language Code");
    It passes the Purcahse Header's Language Code and sets the report language to the Windows Language Id (found on Language table), or if that is blank, then it uses current user's language.
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