Regarding Danish OIOUBL

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This question is for people who are familiar with the Danish OIOUBL module for issuing invoices to the public sector in Denmark.
In standard NAV / BC there is a table no. 289, "Payment Methods" . The table contains payments as shown in the attachment. As it can be seen, it has FIK 71, FIK 73 and also FIK 75, entered by the customer.
Now a "payment type validation" needs to be selected. This is an option field in the table, field no. 13601. The option string has the values :

,FIK 71,FIK 73,FIK 01,FIK 04,Domestic,International

Does anyone have a hint about: Is a new version of OIOUBL required to support the payment method FIK 75? Or do I have to implement a validation method? Or can any of the existing methods be used?

Thanks in advance

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