Is there any way to find out how many objects number are used for Pages, Tables, Reports, & etc ?

In daily practice or developing a project we are using object numbers as per mentioned in app.json. Suppose I want to know all used objects number as per object type in BC or web client, is it possible? let me know how?


  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 509
    You can use 'All Objects with Caption' information in BC
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  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,292
    Look for Waldo's extension pack in VSCode. I think it's the object explorer that shows you all the objects in an .app file just like C/SIDE used to do. Build/publish your app, which creates the .app file. In VSCode you can then just click on the app file and it should open the object explorer that shows you all the objects that are used in your workspace.
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 509
    @ShivaKrishna Do you require to see all objects in all the apps or just one app.

    If its one app then @DenSter suggestion is correct, thats what I do too. But what about if you want to know what object range been used all the extensions (apps)? Some apps might not be developed by you and might be developed by other partners.
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  • ShivaKrishnaShivaKrishna Member Posts: 20
    Sorry for the late reply,

    all objects with captions are showing only some objects only, not all.

    First of all, a agree with both of you. But here I am looking for is there any possibility to check overall or how many objects really we are used till now, when we are used in previous projects without seeing it, that's my requirement
  • chandra_shekharchandra_shekhar Member Posts: 1
    if you want to know all objects, then a quick way is to
    1. create a dummy permission set.
    2. add a line for object (Table, Page ,Report etc.) you want to find
    3. Drill down, it will give you all objects from all extensions
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