Prety Message TextBox on Email Editor Page

dreezdreez Member Posts: 60

Today I came across the Page 13 "Email Editor" and I've seen the "Message" TextBox like this:


My first thought was - "it's probably some controladdin, let's see how it is done, so I can copy, paste and reuse it for my own purposes". So I went straight to AlAppExtensions repository on github to see the Page 13, but I haven't found any usercontrols there.

That was kind of strange for me. How it is implemented then?
So.. I've forked and cloned the AlAppExtensions repository, created clean container where I could compile the System App. Then I've copied the Page 13 "Email Editor" and saved under the name "Email Editor2" and Id = 1, like below:


but it still didn't work..

The magic behind this Message Box was bugging me, so I went back to the original Page 13 "Email Editor" and kept digging.
Once I've changed the Page id from 13 to some other, like 2 for example:


the magic was gone...


How did Microsoft implement this? On the Business Central platform site, with something like:
If ( == 13) 
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