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I'm wondering if there is a limit to the size of the NAV database. We're at 2.6TB with a single company. Our largest table is the Sales Invoice Line table that is 490GB in size. Our G/L Entry table is 400GB. Normally, I wouldn't ask but our users have been complaining about performance issues over the last few weeks and I wanted to make sure that the size of the database wasn't an area of concern.

We're in the process of moving off NAV but we're 1+ years away from that point.



  • meshak_kznmeshak_kzn Member Posts: 2
    Looks like you've had the database running for a really long time. Depending on the data retention requirements of your country you may be able to delete some of the older Posted Sales Invoices to clear out some data (although you'd have to do it in stages). Also consider using the Compress G/L Entries function.
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    As you can see in this link https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/object-specifications-and-limitations you aren't even closer to maximun size. But the size is a SQL Server version thing, check your version for better info.
    So must probable is something related with SQL performance
  • spider1269spider1269 Member Posts: 67
    That's good to know that we have some growth available. I've stayed away from the Compress G/L function since we're up 24/7 and only have Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day for database maintenance.
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