Business Central- The VAT Posting Setup does not exist. Identification fields and values: VAT Bus.

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Hi everybody,
I am a new user of business central dynamics and would really appreciate any assistance.
I'm attempting to post the expense entries, but it's giving the error shown below. What should I do?

Error Message:

Journal Entry:

However, all other bank-related entries are easily posted.

Please assist me in resolving this issue.


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    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    Go to vat posting groups and you will see that you don't have that cross or you won't have an account there
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    Navigate to "VAT Posting Setup" page. Create a new record with values of "VAT Bus. Posting Group" column as blank/empty and "VAT Prod. Posting Group as ZERO. Post the expense entries after performing the above steps.
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    First of all open the columns in Journal, so You see the values in fields "VAT Bus. Posting Group" and "VAT Prod. Posting Group".
    As well as "Bal. VAT Bus. Posting Group" and "Bal. VAT Prod. Posting Group"

    The Combination of these both groups define what VAT% will be calculated and where it will be posted from "VAT Posting Setup" page.

    Normally You would only need to provide these posting groups on one side - either normal or those where name starts with Bal.
    It goes for these 5 fields:
    General Posting Type
    Gen. Bus. Posting Group
    Gen. Prod Posting Group
    VAT Bus. Posting Group
    VAT Prod. Posting group

    One side usually should be empty, and other filled in. In your case Balancing side should be filled - as Vendor is on the Balancing side)

    In case You don't need any VAT calculated here and You just want to post 6000 - clear all those 10 fields (5 normal / 5 balancing).

    And ALWAYS try the "Posting Preview" before You post a new transaction or until You are not well familiar with the system.
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