How to get a field/value from page to codeunit & also how can i use that value in my entire codeunit

In business central I am using existing page, so in that i need a field/ value to use in the Codeunit. So, in codeunit I want to use that value in entire Code unit. Is it possible?

Thank You for your answer.


  • temp123temp123 Member Posts: 3
    Yes, you can define the record where the field is contained as a global variable.
  • ShivaKrishnaShivaKrishna Member Posts: 22
    Thank for your answer, I tried procedure & other techniques, but i can't get a value for that field.
  • temp123temp123 Member Posts: 3
    Could you share the structure of your code?
  • ShivaKrishnaShivaKrishna Member Posts: 22
    yes, unfortunately my friend helped me in that
    any way thank you.! :smiley:
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