RTC Client: Partially keying No. field and tabbing vs hitting Enter

mtlmonkmtlmonk Member Posts: 48
I have filters that are entered when the Item List page opens so when you manually key in part of the full Item No. on a sales order, it will use those filters and show the results on that inner field page.

Here's the issue. When you hit Enter, it will use those filters and return the 1st record found. However, when you hit Tab, it takes the first Item record in the table and disregards all the filters set in Item List.

How can I track the "Tab" character and re-apply all the filters in the item list + the No. characters entered?


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,118
    edited 2022-12-05
    I can't imagine NAV validating the field differently on TAB than on on ENTER; If something different happens, it is probably due to your customization.

    I did not quite understand, what you did with your customization. Could you give us a somwhat more detailed description, prefferably with (pseude-)code snippets.

    Regarding your question: NAV does not tell you, whether the user pressed TAB or ENTER. Furthemore, the user could have left the field using a pointing device, or by closing or switching the window, activating validation this way.
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