Memory usage on BC on-prem service tiers

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First of all, I don't know if this is the right forum?

We have a fairly large installation, with 16 service tiers spread out on 3 servers, and a complete test/development copy.

I have three questions.

Is there any way to know what causes high memory usage? It seems that in time the service tiers consume almost all available memory (like SQL server does).
Is it because it does not release the memory again? Or does is it just the way it is?

We are using the webklient, is there a way to calculate the amount of needed memory?

In our test environment, we does not need the performance. Is there a way to limit the memory usage? Our test server does not have as much memory, and it crashes sometimes because it runs out of memory..


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    HI @JesperTP

    Your first question:
    BC services will not release memory even after it does not need it (as you write, like a SQL server), the only way of releasing the memory (to my knowledge, is to reset the BC service).

    Your second question:
    No that really depends on what kind of user that is using the system, ex an accountant is using the system more than a employee who only search for a item once a day.

    How is your setup done?
    The 16 service tier; Are all User tier or is it setup with User Tier, NAS/Task scheduler tier, Webservice/API tier

    If you run a setup like:
    - Usertier(s) - tier to connect to the webklient (disable taskschduler, Odata,SOAP,API,Developer endpoint)
    - Web tier(s) - tier to acces BCs webservices/API
    - Scheduler - tier to run task scheduler

    Then you can see if the memory consumtion is done by users of by the systemet, it will greatly be easiere to find WHAT is using the resources
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    Also keep in mind that the service tiers use shared cache memory. Thus a service tier with many users all doing the same thing, may use less memory than a service with fewer users that are all doing different things.
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