BC ExternalSql

eredaxeredax Member Posts: 3
I have connected an external table to my BC.
the connections are correct in fact the insert instructions work correctly.
The problem is when I go to read the inserted data.
I cannot change the field type on the external SQL table.
Any ideas?


  • jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 267
    Create a view based on the external SQL table. In this view, you can cast the datatype from original ext sql table to the type of datatype supported by NAV. Then use this view as external table to your BC installation.
  • eredaxeredax Member Posts: 3
    Great ,

    it works.

    In reading I have no more problems but now I cannot write, as it tells me that the field to be edited is part of a function.

    However I think I will use two different recordsets; one pointing to read and one to write.

    Thank you very much
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