Print to ELO with BC

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my customer has an ELO archive to which documents are printed through a printer driver. The Document has
special control chararacters, so ELO know what document it is. With NAV 2017 this worked fine, as the
printer output is textual based and therefore can be interpreted by ELO.

The same print from BC results in a way that textual parts of the document leads to grafical parts in the document and
therefore the control characters cannot be found any more in the document.

In the preview, you can still select parts of the text, when you send it to the printer e.g. "Microsoft print to PDF" or other printer
driver, the text are "converted" to grafic. If you save directly to PDF or "Send to..." and select "PDF-Document" it is still "text-based".

So it looks, that BC handles documents to print in a different way. Is there a trick how this can be solved or other ways to go through?
( I know there is the possibility to save the pdf in a path for ELO, but this leads to other problems and configurations"

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