Mail codeunit doesn't open e-mail in outlook anymore since last Office 365 update

stevdebstevdeb Member Posts: 13

We have been using the mail codeunit to create & open mails in outlook with the "RunModal" parameter.


This has always been working fine, until one of the last Office 365 updates. When running the functionality now, it doesn't do anything. No e-mail opens in Outlook, no error in event viewer. This specific customer uses NAV 2017. Anyone having the same issue? Or a solution?



  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 523
    edited 2022-11-20
    Surprised that Mail codeunit is still being used

    Try using Email Item

    Does email need to open in outlook?

    With Email Item you can edit the email from a page in NAV or Edit in the outlook
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