Running ADCS on Business Central 180

OokoOoko Member Posts: 17
I am trying to setup ADCS on a Honeywell scanning device. I am able to setup 3 miniforms for Main Menu,Warehouse Picks and Warehouse Put Aways.
I have created a web service for the ADCS and setup ADCS Users,enabled ADCS on location card.
But now getting the link login with on the honeywell devise is my challenge.
I have downloaded Business Central app on the device and when i use the normal web client doesnt show me my miniforms and if i try using the SOAP url of the ADCS web service i get and user not recognized error
Anyone with any idea


  • eYeeYe Member Posts: 166
    I'm assuming you are using Windows authentication?
    Have you enabled NTLM on the application service?

    Tasklet's warehousing app is a great alternative to ADCS, especially when using the Honeywell devices.
    Kind Regards,
    Ewald Venter
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