v16 Sales Price Lists

NAVupNorthNAVupNorth Member Posts: 14
We're upgrading a customer to SaaS and as a trial we've enabled the new sales price experience in a sandbox.

The feature upgrade has created 3 separate price lists, S00001, S00002 and S00003, and I can't see a reason why it did this. They've all got data from the old Sales Price table, and the last one also includes some Sales Discounts.

Does anyone know why?



  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 228
    The new price list system is a unified system. In the past, you used to have separate tables for Sales Prices, Purchase Prices, Resource Prices and Job Prices. Now, it's all in one (two, actually - headers and lines) table. So, all your old Sales Prices got migrated to S0000001, most likely S000002 and S000003 are Purchase, Resource or Job prices
  • paulfisherpaulfisher Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the input! It turned out it's because they have so many prices. The conversion routine allows for a maximum of 100,000 lines per price list, which meant 3 were needed for this customer as they have nearly a quarter of a million prices.
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