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What is the diff b/w LookuppageID and DrillDownPageID Properties in table. Can anyone give some example as well

Example : We removed drilldown property for customer table but we did not found any difference so please give me an example why we use that property in table

Thanks in Advance.


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    Some documentation you might want to look at:



    If you remove drilldown property for the customer table, you might not find any difference running the customer table or the pages (Card or List). But if you have a flowfield type field defined in some other table that has link to the customer table then you will not be able to drilldown.

    For example, go to Service Items and click on, for example, country/region code (if populated) nothing will happen. But if the drilldown property of the customer table is set correctly then the country / region code will be drillable to the related customer.

    I hope this clear.
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