Schedule task to export text file

weneedweneed Member Posts: 80
I've BC19 and I need to schedule task to create and download text file using codeunit.
This task takes several hours and for this reason I would like to use the job queue. Is there a way to make available for download file created on the web client?
How can do it?


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,113
    Look into how reports run in background get attached to a Report Inbox entry (Codeunit 449 Job Queue Start Codeunit).
  • weneedweneed Member Posts: 80
    Hi vaprog,
    I tried to follow your suggestion but didn't find anything interesting. My goal is to run a codeunit that create a file. This file should appear in Report Inbox
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,113
    Did you find

    PROCEDURE RunReport in Codeunit 449 Job Queue Start Codeunit

    or as a slightly alternative approach

    Codeunit 1181 Prvacy Data Mgmt Excel, OnRun Trigger
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