CRM Integration, proxy tables, fields ids on the 10,000 range

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In the context of an integration BC/CRM (BC20), we have used the altpgen tool to generate proxy tables and do the developments based on this. For example we have got the definition of the CRM account extension.

We have been able to work and test deploying using Visual Studio Code. However, when we have tried to deploy the developments as a properly published extensions, we get errors because it doesn't like the fields being on the 10,000 range, seems to allow only on the 50,000 range.

I thought in re-generating the proxy tables using this time the -baseid: 50000 parameter in altpgen, thinking that it would give mthe fields on the 50,000 range but it doesn't: the fields IDs are still on the 10,000 range. Looks like the baseid parameter affects only to the number of the table.

I guess what we'll have to do a manual renaming of all the fields in all of the table extensions and reset the integration that is not great.

Has anyone faced the same situation or know of a better approach?

I think it is exactly the same situation as below:


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