NAV 2017 Client freeze att random times

WendeldudeWendeldude Member Posts: 2
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We have a very weird issue where one of our customers clients always freezes at random times. This is for the whole company.

Main Issue
Freezes at random times at all their computers we cant derive this to anything special they do.
It happens like 5 times a day
30 sec freezes always, and then the program starts workning again (doesnt respond, see picture)2wbent74sb01.png

what we tried
Check resources and expand theese
Check logfile when it happends, nothing logged.
Check resources on customers computers, not a problem.
Play with NAV settnings without any sucess.

Thanks in advance for the help, and ask me question if something is unclear.


  • jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 271
    There are many reasons for this to happen.
    Bad coding, Big database.
    The client could be waiting for something from SQL due to a big query. Check the event viewer of NAV server and if you turn on SQL Logging you should see long running queries logged there.

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