how to rearrange substring within the string ..

String : played5year9Postponed1be4UAE7IPL2in6will3this8
Task : Every word has sequence no. at end of the word in string.
Following these no. arrange this string as a proper sentence using string function as below :

final correct string : Postponed IPL will be played in UAE this year.


  • vaprogvaprog GermanyMember Posts: 1,040
    1. you're posting in the wrong category. Have you read the category's description?
    2. A forum is not a soulution provider. You should ask specific questions regarding where you got stuck.

    Outline for your task
    * You can access a string (Type Text) as if it was an array. By using this, scan the string and split it into it's parts.
    * find or create a suitable table to temporarily store these parts. The table needs to have an integer field for it's primary key, and a sufficiently large text field.
    * declare a record variable for that table and set the Temporary property to Yes
    * populate the table with the fragments
    * read the table ordered by the integer field and construct the result string from the text field
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