Page list too slow

weneedweneed Member Posts: 67
I've converted to BC19 an old nav2015 DB.
In this there is a page list that shows linked table with 20 million record. In RTC page load after 1 minute. In BC19 the page never loads. The loading icon remains and after 15 minutes show timeout message
Why this difference? There is a way to solve?


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,029

    check out NAV Keys, SQL Indexes (existing and actually used in SQL requests), Programming (what else are you doing while loading the page?

    As NAV only loads a buffer full of records, not the entire table, the number of records in the page are not that relevant. It is more relevant how fast NAV can get it's buffer filled. With data well structured and with necessary index, this should be fast.
  • weneedweneed Member Posts: 67
    I've found best solution for me. In service option set true "enable sql query TOP parametrization"
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