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page Company Hub, how the requests to approve column is updated?
users have requests to approve but the column is not updated, displays 0 instead of the number of request to be approved by the user.

can you please let me know what is the filters that the company hub uses for the field Vendors - Payment on Hold ?
and Requests to Approve?
For example:
coming from vendor ledger entry where Payment on Hold is <>'' ? or is there any other setup?
from help you get=Specifies the number of vendor payments on hold that are assigned to you or to a group that you are a member of.
I did find the below Calcformula on the basis of this field "Vendor - Payment on Hold" calculating the values.
field(20; "Vendors - Payment on Hold"; Text[30])
FieldClass = FlowField;
CalcFormula = Lookup("COHUB Company KPI"."Vendors - Payment on Hold" where("Enviroment No." = field("Enviroment No."), "Company Name" = field("Company Name")));
the table "COHUB Company KPI"."Vendors - Payment on Hold", what filters uses to get the value from a company?
vendor ledger entry table, and field Payment on Hold<>''
to rephrase the question: what i need to do as a user to get value 1 on "COHUB Company KPI"."Vendors - Payment on Hold" ? post a purchase invoice where Payment on Hold=YES or there is something more?
Its getting the values from Json script, which is calculating the data run time from the Cue based on RecordRef dont not exactly which table is using for calculating purpose, most probably as you mentioned you can try to check if there is Payment on Hold is True.

You have please check by posting some entries related with the same scenario and Refresh all data button again from Company Hub
i have done this experiment myself and is not the obvious (vendor ledger entry table, and field Payment on Hold<>'').
I also tried to assign the document to a user id. that also did not work.
thus i am posting the question, how to check what are the filters system uses to calculate this field?
as it using Cue values and company Odata URL,
How we can get which filters is using in order to understand what is wrong?


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