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dannyok90dannyok90 Member Posts: 1
Hi, im trying to configure BC and i have an idea in my head how i would like it to work for my users, ii wondering if anybody could clarify if its possible to achieve what i want?
  • id like all new projects to have the same tasks.
  • id like the project manager to be able to allocate resource to the job (i know his can be done)
  • id like timesheets to be an organisational level thing - you have to book your time each week by friday close of play but can only book to the jobs your allocated to (including internal jobs)
  • Team leaders or 'managers' of a group of users are responsible for approving timesheets rather than the project manager
  • automate the journal posting aspect
  • only allow financial based users to raise purchase orders on jobs
  • team leaders are responsible for assigning project managers to jobs

im just trying to create a simple platform for my staff where project managers login to see the financial progress of there job in terms of spend vs time/budget and other team members (engineers etc) can book time to the job when they spend half an hour doing a drawing, but only if they have been allocated to that job!

thanking you guys in advance :)


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