Presentations of BC TechDays 2022

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Presentations of BC TechDays 2022
Presentations of the BC TechDays 2022 conference of 15 & 16 September 2022 in Antwerp (Belgium)

Thursday 15 September 2022

Troubleshooting Business Central SaaS environments
(Kalman Beres, Nikolay Dobrev)
Cloud Migration
(Roman Sauber, Julia Lisovaya, Nikola Kukrika)
ALM Accelerator for Power Platform [CoE Starter Kit]
(Michael Megel)
Git under the hood
(Vjekoslav Babić)
Being more efficient with VS Code
(Tobias Fenster, David Feldhoff)
OAuth revealed
(Arend-Jan Kauffmann)
Business Central Performance Toolkit
(Bardur Knudsen, Henrik Frovst Madsen, Simon Albrechtsen)
Permissions revisited
(Darrick Joo, Jens Møller-Pedersen)
Coding 4 Performance
(Eric Wauters (waldo))
Build collaborative apps for Business Central with Microsoft 365 and Teams
(Monica Ahuja, Sam van Lieshout, Ievgenii Korovin)
Customizing the developer experience
(Kalman Beres, Nikolay Dobrev)
Multi-Application Architecture
(Kamil Sáček, Jeremy Vyska)

Friday 16 September 2022

Better together: Business Central and Dataverse
(Onat Buyukakkus, Djordje Čenić)
Empower citizen and pro AL developers to do more with Power Platform
(Lukasz Zoglowek, Enrico Cimitan, Ayrton Massey)
Improve the quality and readability of your code using tools from Microsoft and the BC community
(Andrzej Zwierzchowski)
Advanced topics in test automation
(Luc van Vugt, Nikola Kukrika)
Above and beyond - When BC is not enough
(Bert Verbeek, Tobias Fenster)
What's new in Business Central clients for AL developers
(Quentin Tresontani, Eigo Kawatani)
Universal Code – Target must be cloud
(Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen, Michael Nielsen)
Optimizing SQL queries in Business Central
(Milan Milincevic)
Bad habits of AL Developers
(Vjekoslav Babić, Eric Wauters (waldo))
Telemetry for Business Central from basics to advanced usage
(Krzysztof Bialowas, Kennie Pontoppidan)
Collaborating on Business Central's open-source platform
(Jesper Schulz-Wedde, Maria Zhelezova)
Adopting "Onboarding first" developer mindset
(Tomas Grubliauskas, Cody Hoover)

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