The server has rejected the client credentials

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Hi all,
In a SOAP web service we get sometimes the error 'The server has rejected the client credentials'. If we get this error we must restart the instance. After restart everything is working fine again. In the eventviewer we don't see any warning or error when this error occurs. Does someone have a suggestion for me?

SOAP webservice using NTLM authentication
webservice called from a local middleware application




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    In the config file check this setting : Try different settings:

    "//ClientServicesProtectionLevel": [
    "Specifies the security services to protect the data stream between the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client and",
    "Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. This value must match the value that is specified in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server",
    "configuration file. Valid options include: EncryptAndSign, Sign, None"
    "ClientServicesProtectionLevel": "EncryptAndSign",
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