VAT is being rounded up wrongly

mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 66
I am baffled by this behavior of BC rounding up the VAT Amount.

My BC has Local Currency setup as USD and VAT Rounding Type set to as Nearest;


Here is my currency setup for AED;


When I create a PO in AED with Total Value without VAT as 50, with 5% VAT 52.50;


The VAT Prod. Posting V1 with VAT Bus. Posting is configured to be 5%


But when I do preview posting to check the ledger values of this document;

I get VAT as 0.69. Which is not correct.

If my base amount is 50, then 50 * 0.05 is 2.5 which is correct VAT. Now if we do 2.5/3.6725 it is 0.6807. So why is or how is BC rounding it up I can't figure out and its been 4 days now.


I am really grateful if someone here can point it out from me.


  • TrippyZTrippyZ Member Posts: 87
    I don't like how you have Inv. Rounding Precision (LCY) set to 0.00. Could you try it again with it set to 0.01?
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