Inventory Valuation having quantities and values not in G/L

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I have a client running Business Central Spring 2019. The system is set up to run a batch job that updates Item Cost Entries and one that posts inventory cost to G/L in the night and these two are working fine. The issue I am facing is that the Inventory Valuation has items that have quantities and values that are not there in the Item Ledger Entries. As a result, the Inventory Valuation is not reconciling with the General Ledger. Actually, when you also run Item Availability by Location, the quantities are not there for the specific items. If anyone has faced this problem before, kindly post your answers.


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    The value is managed in value entries not in item ledger entries. Also in value entries you have cost posted to G/L, expected cost posted to G/L that indicates if those are posted in general ledger (that was the second report do).
    My best guess it's that you're avoiding some accounts in general ledger that they've entries or that the report haven't run for all the dates.
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