Why does BC pick VAT Prod. Posting Group from GL Account Card for Prepayment Invoice?

mysamzamysamza Member Posts: 66
If I am posting a Purchase Prepayment Invoice, and do not have a VAT Prod. Posting Group on my Advance to Supplier GL Account Card, I get no VAT Line in GL Entry during Prepayment Invoice Preview posting. Even the VAT Entry has a line with 0 VAT Amount.

But if I have a VAT Prod. Posting Group in GL Account Card, I do get the VAT.

Why does for the Purchase Prepayment Invoice the VAT Prod. Posting Group not taken from Line but is taken from GL Account Card. I cannot have it on GL Account Card as we can have different VAT Prod. Posting group on line during Prepayment Invoice and it won't work.
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