VAT check by VIES returns an error

whynotwiwhynotwi Member Posts: 20
Hej Guys,

i've searched through the threads, but didn't find anything. So maybe someone faced the same problem and can help ?

Since some time (about 2 weeks) we face the problem, that the vat check via VIES returns the message "error by exceuting System.Xml.XmlDocment.Load with following message: unexpected token ">". The expected token is '"' or '''. Line 1 position 55".

I tried to find the error via the debugger, but there always were used automation objects. So i didn't find what the remote server responded.

Did any one face the same problem and found a solution ? The error pops up by checking the vat id from every customer and vendor.

We use DE BC13.3

thanks in advance


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