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Hi Guys,

I am currently working on an interfacetable and am stuck on a problem where there seems to be no search results.

I have already succeeded in linking and can see the data from the external table in a NAV page. Also the advertiser works up to a point.

This starts to jam when it comes to the data type "float". I managed to display the float field using the NAV data type "BLOB". However, when inserting I get the error message :
"The following SQL error was not expected: operand type collision: varbinary(max) is incompatible with flaot statements could not be prepared."

According to my info, since the datatype "binary" has been replaced by "BLOB", I don't see any possibilities anymore.

FYI: If I set the NAV datatype to Decimal, the page can't open at all...

I hope that you can help me. :)


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 201
    When types are incompatible, your best bet is to make a view in SQL for the table, where you cast the incompatible types into the compatible ones. And if you want to insert/modify, you make triggers on that view to cast back into original table's types.
  • rFriesrFries Member Posts: 5
    I guess that doesn't help me. I am not allowed to modify the External Database.
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