General Journal Post via Job Queue?

I have been researching a bit but really haven't found anything definitive. I am really new to Nav, we are using Dynamics Nav 2018, especially on the backend/development side of things, but essentially we have users going into General Journal, picking their employee Batch name, then putting a bunch of entries in here, then needing to post the entries.

When they post the entries, depending on the amount, it can sometimes take upwards of 10-15 minutes before it finishes out, leaving their client "stuck" and unable to do much else. My thought was is it possible to throw this into a CodeUnit / Job Queue to complete? Does anyone have any ideas on where to start? I have seen some links such as:
This one, but the codeunit doesn't seem entirely relevant
or: From this forum, but all it references is "run a code unit"

So while a code unit is probably the best way, how would someone tackle it that would be considered best practice here? Like I said, I am very new to Dynamics Nav 2018 and was curious if there are any neat tricks around this.


  • jordi79jordi79 MalaysiaMember Posts: 265
    This requires some customisation. This customisation would be similar to how Job Queue posting works for Sales/Purchase documents. And since you are new, you should engage a NAV vendor to do it for you.
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