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RaniShouraRaniShoura Member Posts: 34

I want to use power shell to export objects to text file from the customer Production license, any work around?

Thank you
Rani Shoura


  • kabrocokabroco Member Posts: 111
    I think that is not possible.
  • RaniShouraRaniShoura Member Posts: 34
    To clarify more I do have a partner license
    Rani Shoura
  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 494
    I pursume that you are working af a newere NAV which has the PowerShell Cmdlet?

    You can do that with uploading your partner licens to the database, export the objects and import the customer licens again.

    If you do it without restarting the NST, the users still work in context of their own license
    Import-NAVServerLicense -ServerInstance xxx -LicenseFile 'C:\XXX\MyPartnerLic.flf'
    Export-NAVApplicationObject -DatabaseName XX -DatabaseServer xx -Path 'C:\xx\xx.txt' -Filter 'MyObjectFilter' -ExportTxtSkipUnlicensed
    Import-NAVServerLicense -ServerInstance xxx -LicenseFile 'C:\XXX\CustomerLic.flf'
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