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I have a question for you all. Have you ever tried to create a workflow in Business Central with a condition associated so that the customer if it has an overdue balance can be responded?

I’ll try to put the narrative down on where I'm up to.

By the way, I thought that this would be really easy by just bringing the customer flow field into the workflow condition selection 😊

I started by trying to configure the BC workflow engine, assigning the correct relationships with the Dynamic Entities and table relations so that the customer table is a filtered property in the condition selection against the workflow.
This way I thought I could just simply set a <> 0, against the flow field on the customer table in the condition selection.
This didn’t work.

Extension Management
So after not achieving the solution required to filter on the customer table field, I then looked at VS to help me and I tried to re-create the same flow field which exists on table 18 Customer (Overdue Balance 66) and put this on to the table 36 Sales Header.
This also doesn’t work.
I don’t think this works because the field requires a Date Filter entry for it to correctly calculate, as I only want the overdue balances and not the full customer balance. This could only be set by an opening page which couldn’t be set from the workflow condition entry.

Any help or suggested way forward for me to look at this solution requirement would be a real benefit before I started to look at other 3rd party solutions.

Thanks in advance all.



  • jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 272
    Create a codeunit, that checks the Customer overdue balance field. When the conditions are met, raise the Workflow handling event by calling the procedure below:

    WorkflowManagement is "workflow management" codeunit.


    This will start the workflow step.

    Then schedule this codeunit depending on how often you want to perform the customer overdue balance check.
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