Multiple nodes with same name

lubostlubost Member Posts: 607
We have XMLPort in NAV 2017 with following snippet:

Node Name Prefix Node Type Source Type Data Source
Id Element Text MsgIdB
OrgId Element Text MsgOrgIdB
Othr Element Text MsgOthrB
Id Element Text MsgOthrIdB
PrvtId Element Text MsgPrvtId
Othr Element Text MsgOthrC
Id Element Text MsgOthrIdC
In NAV 2017 have been possible to use same node names (and define variable with other names for each occurence of same node. XMLPort is used for import data from foreign system and node names can not be modified.
How to transfer this XMLPort to AL via VS Code?
NodeName property is not usable for textelement.

Thanks in advance.


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