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souoiksouoik Member Posts: 114
Am workin to add a function to read Bridge Value directlly from scale balance to business central (Version BC is Clous in Saas (20.0+) however the DotNet function is not working in saas , can i have any suggestion or exemple of source code to read value and out into my page with buttom function
Thank you


  • jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 254
    You will have to create a web service in BC, and expose this web service. You can then call this web service externally and parse the weigh bridge values. BC can then handle these parsed values. A bit of a hassle, but this is the only way to integrate to BC online. (as far as I know...)
  • souoiksouoik Member Posts: 114
    Hello @jordi79 thank you for your response , but if have an exemple code that is a very pleasure
  • jdiazjdiaz Member Posts: 1
    Hello souoik,

    I have the same problem, could you sendme the example if you get resolve the problem?. Thanks a lot.
  • souoiksouoik Member Posts: 114
    i don't have the correct answare
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