Can I create a receipt/ticket printer report like in shops/supermarkets?

kuhikuhi Member Posts: 18
I want to print receipts like this:

So there is no "new page jump" and it's a single page but it will have it's length as long as required

Is it possible? I'm trying to do in Business Central


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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,128
    I don't think it is possible to have an infinitely long page. However you should be able to use no top and bottom margins. Then, when you are careful with vertical spacing, a page break might be invisible. This will then depend more on the printer driver, than on the report generator.

    Other options might be to send printer commands in the printer's language directly to the printer port, or send some kind of metadata to a service or application that has more direct control over the printer.
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    jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 272
    Have you tried MS word layout?
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