User-defined views crashes client.

FragenFragerFragenFrager Member Posts: 52
one of our customers has reported the following problem: An employee has created a user-defined view for pre-scheduling delivery notes, which are documents from which the actual delivery notes are created, refer to Table 36, the document type has been expanded here by an option. This view included filtering for a specific storage location and the date filter, i.e. standard fields or filters.
As a result, the client on the employee's computer regularly and downright hung up when calling up the filtered view, but only on this one specific computer.
I renamed the Personalizationstore.xml, which did not bring any improvement.
As a last resort, I suggested reinstalling the client, but the employee then informed me that deleting and re-creating the user-defined view brought relief.
Does this seem familiar to anyone? I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the fact that user-defined views are always good for unpleasant surprises, but so far I've only located such behavior in the Personalizationstore.xml area.

Kind regards.
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