NAV 2017- Positive Pay Modifications

bhalpinbhalpin TorontoMember Posts: 298
Hi. I need to modify the file output of one of the two "stock" positive pay definitions. In past versions I just edited the simple code that spit out the file. But in this version it's all wrapped in configuration stuff. I can't find any real documentation on the specifics of the field definitions - and I'm hoping I don't have to modify code too much. I've looked through it and it's a bit ... dense. (Like me.)

Any pointers to more complete documentation of the field definitions out there anywhere?



  • bhalpinbhalpin TorontoMember Posts: 298
    Just to be more specific with an example - the amounts need to have the decimal point removed Eg: 0000123.45 should be 0000012345
  • bhalpinbhalpin TorontoMember Posts: 298
    YouTube to the rescue!

    But I would still like to know if there is complete documentation on this somewhere ...
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