Database locks across instances (NAV 2017)

I would like to preventively observe and hold long table locks for analysis. In addition, I would like to consider an external monitoring solution in case processes lock tables for a long time.
I can see from my own error log when a process is aborted due to a table lock. Then I would like to check for a certain time at intervals of one minute, for example, whether the original table lock has been released. If the table is still not released after n checks, then I want to send a warning to a monitoring solution.

First of all, the Page Database Locks was the right choice for this. I can write out table locks via table 2000000154 and monitor them for a while. A lock can be easily identified via the Transaction ID field. However, we work with a web service that is connected to a shop solution and most problems with table locks occur between the NAV client instance and the web service instance. However, I only get locks from my own instance via table 2000000154. On the client instance, I don't see whether the web service instance is locking a table. Or any process on other NAS instances.

Does anyone know of a way I can get the same data that table 2000000154 gives me across instances?
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