CardPart in content area

vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,093

In an EDI context I have a transmission with one or more documents, each document having one or more lines.

In a Page a want to show the document. Along with the document I'd like to show transmission details.

So I created a Page with PageType=Document and added a Part Subtype=Page, referencing a Page of PageType=CardPart. I added it the same way as the ListPart for the lines (with a different link, which works Ok). SourceTable of that PagePart is the Transmission table. The part is added in the ContentArea container.

This does not display correctly (only tried the Windows client so far, using BC14 OnPremise). All fields are displayed in one column (expecting two), no vertical gaps are used between fields. Important property is ignored, both Promoted and Additional.

I experimented with Groups, layout options and PageTypes in the page that shall get added as a part. I expect it to look essentially the same as any other InfoTab. But I could not find anything that looks remotely like it.

Is there a way to achieve this?
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