ASN1 encoding with System.Formats.Asn1 / DotNet Enums in general

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Hi everyone,

right now I'm working on an extension, that among other things has to encode data into a predetermined ASN1 structure.
For that task I wanted to use the DotNet assembly System.Formats.Asn1.

I referenced the assembly in the looking like this:

The assembly is on the server with the service tier (Service/Add-ins folder), and in the repository of the extension, considering the right probing paths.

Now to the problem: When im trying to execute this Code:

I'm getting the following error: Error when calling System.Object.BER...
I tried alot of variations but it seems to have to do that AsnEncodingRules seems to always be null.
It also has no constructor as its just an enum.

Can this somehow be worked around?
Also: If anyone could give me an alternative to DotNet with this would be much appreciated! Options I know of are Azure functions and a web assembly through a control-add-ins

Thank you very much in advance!
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