Can anyone help on Permission on custom tables

kmkaotkmkaot Member Posts: 261
You do not have the following permissions on Table Cash Collection: Execute.

To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page. To report a problem, refer to the following server session ID: '29'.

Internal session id:

Application Insights session id:

Client activity id:


AL call stack:
"Cash Collection"(Report 50036).OnPreReport(Trigger) line 56 - SalonSoftPOS1 by JITS Salon
"Salon Sales Invoice ListK"(Page 50080)."Cash Collection - OnAction"(Trigger) line 7 - SalonSoftPOS1 by JITS Salon


  • kmkaotkmkaot Member Posts: 261
    I keep posting my requests, but one replies, that it is being practiced, I am myself getting answers. very great of me at least.
    The above error, was because the still user was with an old Full user, not Essitanetial users. we need to configure the new license with user groups. then it may work. Let me explore how to convert user license type from Full user to Essentaila user

    Meanwhile, if you are kind enough please help me how to change user license type to essential or team member

    Thanks in Advance
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