What's the point of SetTableView

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Hi All
I'm trying to understand the usage of SetTableView . My understanding is that it creates a filter so the question is why we cannot just use Setrange or SetFilter instead. Below is from purchase order subform to find linked sales orders:
protected procedure OpenSpecOrderSalesOrderForm()
        SalesHeader: Record "Sales Header";
        SalesOrder: Page "Sales Order";
        IsHandled: Boolean;
        IsHandled := false;
        OnBeforeOpenSpecOrderSalesOrderForm(Rec, SalesHeader, SalesOrder, IsHandled);
        if IsHandled then

        TestField("Special Order Sales No.");
        SalesHeader.SetRange("No.", "Special Order Sales No.");
        SalesOrder.Editable := false;


  • KTA8KTA8 Member Posts: 369
    the scope of the record it's different. When you're making a setrange of record in object 1, this filter only applies to the record in that object. When you instance object 2, that record doesn't exists. If you wanted to reply that behaviour, you will have to istance the object then put a set to the record and then on open form/page set that sets on the record.
  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 228
    Your SalesOrder is a page. You cannot do "SetRange"/"SetFilter" on page, only on records. So, you filter a record (SalesHeader) and then you pass it with "SetTableView" to the page.
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