BC20 CU2 on-premise - help links in the navsettings.json doesn't work

DobbyNator94DobbyNator94 Member Posts: 6
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since BC16 or 18 we have stored our own help links in the navsettings.json of the web server. Like this:
    "ApplicationIdSettings":  {
                                  "BaseHelpUrl":  "http://support.firma.com/{0}/",
                                  "BlogLink":  "https://www.firma.com/",
                                  "ComingSoonLink":  "https://info.firma.com/",
                                  "CommunityLink":  "https://www.firma.com/",
                                  "ContactSalesLink":  "https://www.firma.com/",
                                  "SigninHelpLink":  "https://www.firma.com/"

The "ApplicationIdSettings" are responsible for that. Since BC20, however, the links in the new Help and Support window still lead to the Microsoft pages. Anyone have similar problems?
Is there anything new that activates or replaces the whole thing?

With BC18 the same navsettings.json runs without problems and points to the links.
Here is the site from MS:



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