How to translate xlf-Files

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Hi guys,

I am updating from Dynamics2017 to BC190 and at the moment I am facing how to translate the xlf-files

I have exported the old caption-translation from 2017 and I also generated a

How can I now translate missing captions from en-US to de-DE?

I also tried to use the microsoft translation service, but I cannot upload the generated xlf-file

It also looks that only Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (SaaS) is supported. Might
there be a difference to OnPrem?

How did you guys translated the app?

@update: I could now upload the original file, generated by VS, But I could not upload the
exported translation file. I Also used the tool to generate a xlf-format, but it is
not excepted as a valid format? Which format can I use for uploading and translating?


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    If you are converting existing code and already have the translations in some other xlf file that doesn't match names, IDs, etc., then you can use "NAB AL Tools" VS Code extension:
    It has two very handy commands:
    After it's done its work, mass-replace "[NAB: SUGGESTION]" and "[NAB: REVIEW]".
    Then all you are left with are "[NAB: NOT TRANSLATED]", which, if you had everything translated in NAV 2017, should be mainly tooltips.

    NAB AL Tools also has command to prepare xlf for DTS, so you might want to check that one out too :)
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    Thanks a lot. I tried it out in it works great for me.

    One thing remains:

    After compiling a second time, after I have removed the text [NAB: REVIEW]Artikel etc.. the headline
    remains and is not updated anymore , even the text [NAB: REVIEW] is already removed from the xlf-file.

    It seems the translation does not be updated any more.

    Did I miss something?
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    When you manually intervene in a translation and there are no changes to the source, NAB seems to remove all its mentions. If you changed the source of the translation (such as caption, or label), then you would need to compile, then call the "NAB: refresh xlf files from g.xlf". If there are any new/changed elements, they will get added/changed and marked with NAB highlights.
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    I tried to do it from the scratch, the call "NAB: refresh xlf files from g.xlf"" did not work for me or I
    did it wrong.

    But nevertheless after compiling and Opening BC it looks still like this:


    It seems, the translation file is not used, or better said, not replaced anymore.

    So I did not understeand, how BC manages and uses these xlf-files.
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    It Looks to be solved. There is also a US-Version of xlf generated, which had these captions [NAB REVIED]. After I deleted these part of text, the translation seems to be perfect.

    Thanks a lot
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