Business Central Getting Crashed when Record.Modify or Record.Insert is getting executed on Page Ext

Neha4coolsNeha4cools Member Posts: 1

From Posted sales invoice page I am running E-Way Bill Update Action to fetch details from API Response.
I am getting the response correctly but when i am trying to insert the same in any table (Record.Insert) or sales invoice header (Record.Modify) business central is getting crashed and the Web client looks like the below image


While debugging i have found that the page onaftergetrecord() and page OnaftergetCurrRecord() trigger is getting called by the system instead of Record.insert or record.modify trigger.

Note: Another Modify code working fine on the Posted sales Invoice page. I know modifying posted pages is not good practice but it was needed.

Any idea why the system is behaving unexpectedly?
Many Thanks.
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