General Docment association question

djdavedjdave UKMember Posts: 6
So sorry for the seemingly obvious question ... but coming from a 2009 environment i dont know the answer to this ... So it sounds simple, NAV has a sales order that can have multiple warehouse shipments, and each warehouse shipment posts to become a sales shipment - was my understanding.... BUT why do we have "posted warehouse shipment" how do they fit in the process flow ?? sorry it is such a daft question, just not something i have not encounterd.


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 183
    Warehouse Shipments (Lines, to be more precise) can be linked to multiple Sales Orders, so it's not just 1-to-many relationship. When you post Warehouse Shipment, it also ships (+ invoices, if you select the option) the related Sales Orders. Usually, there's going to be only one, but there could be multiple, if, for example, you want to put everything Warehouse-related from a single Customer into one document from the warehouse people to process.
    So, having Posted Warehouse Shipments allows you to track the flow of operations as without them, you wouldn't know what the original Warehouse Shipment consisted of, who processed it, etc.
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