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I'm using linked server to use external table in Nav but when try to open table return an error:

"The microsoft DTC ha cancelled the distributed transactions".
How I can solve?


  • weneedweneed Member Posts: 51
    I try to give some more information:
    Dynamics NAV 2015 version. There are some tables with LinkedObject property is set to true. Necessary views have been created in SQL. These views using linked server.

    New version of NAV (BC14 - RTC). The database has been converted. The same views are therefore present. Running the tables returns the following error:

    If try to run SQL views from SQL Management Studio all work great and no problems.
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 452
    The issue is more clear now when you mentioned the application versions. The linkedobject property on tables was a navision thing and deprecated in Business Central
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  • weneedweneed Member Posts: 51
    maybe but that's not the problem.
    I am still using the (BC14) RTC version and the property is still available.
  • Developer101Developer101 Member Posts: 452
    Ok fine. Is your solution is based on extensions or c/al?
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  • weneedweneed Member Posts: 51
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